Three Simple Rules for Better Website Content

Three Simple Rules for Better Website Content

Your website may look great, but does it sound great? Are the words on your pages engaging, informative, and optimized?

If not, your website is incomplete and not nearly as effective as it could – and should – be. Fortunately, you just need to follow three simple rules when creating your website content.

Rule #1: Be Concise

digital-marketingWhat’s the ideal length for a piece of web content? It varies depending on what page it is; the Contact page may have a lot fewer words than, say, the About Us page.  In general, though, you need to be concise and cover what you need to cover without going overboard.

Don’t put in words just for the sake of putting them in. Cover your main points and give your audience enough information to make an informed judgment or decision. Get to the point!

Rule #2: Focus On Your Keywords

Each page should have keywords, but you shouldn’t spam your keywords – i.e. put in a bunch of keywords as many times as you possibly can.

In fact, you might be better off just having one or two keywords on that page. These are called focus keywords and they offer a great compromise between lots of different keywords and better legibility.

Rule #3: Include Calls to Action

A call to action is a phrase that entices or encourages a user to take some kind of action.

Website copy that doesn’t have a call to action doesn’t have that final push to get the user to do something with the information you’ve given them. And since pages with calls to action perform much better than pages without, you want to include them.

Ask your readers to visit another page, read a blog post, send you an email, or learn more by calling you. Give them suggestions as to what they should do next. These are very powerful tools to use that virtually any website page should have.

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