Internet Marketing and SEO: Running a Good Facebook Ad Campaign Is about Segmenting

Internet Marketing and SEO: Running a Good Facebook Ad Campaign Is about Segmenting

Facebook is a monster in the social media world and one of the best ways to reach a lot of people through social media advertising. Other platforms offer ads, but Facebook’s platform, so far, is the best.

Facebook advertising isn’t for everyone. But, if you have a product or a service that would do well on Facebook – or if you want to simply get more likes – Facebook advertising may be for you.

Segmenting your target audience is one of the most important concepts in any Facebook campaign.

What Is Segmenting?

Facebook AdsSegmenting is breaking an audience into parts so you can target individuals in a specific demographic.

For example, you can reach millions on Facebook – there are over a billion users – but not all of them would buy your product or hire you for your service. So, you segment by picking out key traits your preferred customers have in common.

How Do You Segment?

Paint a picture of what your target customers look like. What age, gender, and race are they? Where do they live? What do they like? What are their interests and desires? How much money do they make?

Creating these segments will take your potential target audience from millions to a much more manageable number for more effective advertising.

You can then take these segments and create advertisements that target that specific segment. Let’s say that you sell books for women who want to change careers and start their own businesses. You can create an ad based on a segment of women aged 30 to 50 who meet other demographics. An ad for this particular segment will be much more effective than one that would target a wider audience.

You want ads on Facebook to attract the right users and give them content that intrigues them, not someone else. That is what segmenting is all about.

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Nella DeCesare, Marketing Strategist