Be Like Anchorman? How Partnership Marketing Could Work for You

Be Like Anchorman? How Partnership Marketing Could Work for You

With the pending release of the anticipated sequel, Anchorman 2, you can’t help but wonder if there is actually anything that can be learned from Will Ferrell’s latest zany comedy.

There probably isn’t, but in terms of how the movie has been marketed? Absolutely!

You might have noticed Anchorman 2 commercials featuring Will Ferrell’s character promoting Dodge trucks. Now, the movie is connected to another brand – Jockey underwear – in the movie franchise’s latest foray into what is called “partnership marketing”.

Can you use partnership marketing for your business?

The Advantage of Partnership Marketing

Fresh ideas sign in the skyPartnership marketing means pairing up with another brand for joint promotion. It doesn’t always have to be a big TV commercial; it can be something as simple as featuring displays in each others’ stores or offices, or taking out a joint ad in a paper to promote an event.

The benefit of partnership marketing is that it gives your brand added authority – and not just to fans and customers of your partner. Even people who aren’t fans of either brand will be influenced by having two brands supporting a message instead of just one.

Often, the partner is also in a completely different market, with a completely different (or mostly different) audience. Partnering up can give you access to those new customers.

Questions You Should Ask

When considering whether or not partnership marketing works for you, as it might be working for Anchorman 2, ask these questions:

  • Does the potential partner compete with me?
  • Will my customers be turned off by this other brand’s message or reputation?
  • Are my partner’s customers in my target audience?
  • Are there things our businesses have in common?

Just make sure it’s a good fit before you take that step – and maybe your business will get on the red carpet!

 Nella DeCesare, Marketing Strategist