Social Media SW Florida: Three Bad Pieces of Social Media Advice

Social Media SW Florida: Three Bad Pieces of Social Media Advice

Need some insight as to what social media advice you shouldn’t follow? Check out these three pieces of social media advice that should be ignored.

Facebook AdsThree Bad Pieces of Social Media Advice

Social media is definitely worth exploring for virtually any business today. But while there is a lot of good social media marketing advice out there, some of it is just bad and not worth following.

How can you tell the difference between the good advice and the bad advice? Here are three tips that you might see out there that are better left unfollowed.

Be On Every Platform Possible

This is one of the most commonly followed pieces of advice that should be ignored. You shouldn’t be on every platform possible, for multiple reasons. The first is that you only have so much time, and you can’t possibly be on a bunch of networks and have success. There are a lot out there, from Facebook and Google+ to Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and beyond. Spreading yourself thin is not recommended.

The second reason is that not every network is cut out for you. Your audience may not be present across the spectrum of platforms. Or, your message may not be cut out for a wide variety of platforms.

You Should ALWAYS Automate Your Postings

This is another piece of advice that people follow that should be ignored. You shouldn’t always automate the social media posting process, which sounds counterintuitive because it is easier to automate it than ever before. You can even automatically post from Facebook to Twitter or LinkedIn to Twitter, and schedule virtually anything ahead of time.

BUT, you want to stay spontaneous and flexible, and also need to avoid the potential of scheduling something that could be taken out of context due to real-world events. Besides, automating everything means you’re not doing a good job of interacting with your audience. Some automation is OK, but it should not be 100% of your postings.

You Should Post ____ Times Per Day

This is a very common piece of advice that isn’t good because it’s not specific to your organization and your audience. Instead of posting X times per day, as suggested by various sources, base your posting frequency on your audience. Sometimes, you need to post less; sometimes, you need to post more. And sometimes, you shouldn’t post just to be posting. Only post when you have something unique or genuine to say.

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