SEO Tips: The Importance of Reviews for Local Businesses

SEO Tips: The Importance of Reviews for Local Businesses

When it comes to getting more traffic, there are a lot of ingredients that go into the dish. You need solid links, good content, social media, some way of advertising for your business, and other concepts and factors that can feed traffic. marketing

One rising concept that is becoming more important for local businesses – businesses that are trying to gain search market share locally – is reviews.

Reviews are becoming important because they’re a way Google can basically vouch for your authority and credibility. The more favorable reviews you have, the more positive an impression Google has of your website – as well as other users.

Of course, getting solid, high-quality reviews is an art in and of itself. You can’t coerce people into reviewing you, otherwise they’ll all be negative, and you can’t get people to review you while they’re in your business. Otherwise, Google can see that you have reviews coming from the same IP address, and will frown upon that, as pointed out in this Moz blog on gaining reviews for your business.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ask, though. Asking for reviews and letting consumers put in reviews on their own time is a good thing and something every local business should do. Yelp, after all, counts for SEO, as do other credible review websites.

One way is to solicit reviews and offer to conduct a raffle for people who show that they’ve reviewed you online. You can select one lucky reviewer at random and give them a cool gift or a discount on your products or services.

Of course, the best way to get a favorable review is to demonstrate superior customer service. Treat your customers exceptionally well and they’ll go out of their way to leave a positive review without you having to ask for it.

But no matter how you get them, reviews are quickly becoming important for local SEO, and can mean additional traffic and credibility for your website.