Sending Traffic from Facebook to Your Website | Social Media Marketing

Sending Traffic from Facebook to Your Website | Social Media Marketing

Facebook is a great source of traffic to your website, believe it or not. While it may not seem that way – after all, most business owners just use Facebook for social media marketing and that’s it – the world’s premier social media platform can be a prolific source of referral traffic to a site.

You just have to know how to push the right levers and optimize your social media marketing processes to take full advantage of Facebook’s capabilities.

Drawing people from Facebook to your website means understanding what makes people want to click from Facebook to another website. Usually, especially today, this means that the person saw an intriguing photo or a captivating headline. Pictures and headlines are two of the most important pieces.

For example, which one would you rather click?

  • Headline A: “How Our Customers Benefit From Our Product.”
  • Headline B: “You Won’t Believe How Our Customers Saved 50%”

Even though the content may be the exact same, Headline B will get more clicks than Headline A. You have to get their imaginative juices flowing. You have to write headlines that make people wonder about possibilities.

And when it comes to pictures, interesting beats attractive. You can have the world’s best stock photo of a beautiful person smiling, but if that picture doesn’t really pull in the user, they won’t click it.

You also need to understand how to take advantage of Facebook’s paid options. The easiest way is to boost a post that has a link that leads back to your website. Many businesses get a fair amount of traffic this way.

Remember: you can boost to target your followers, target your followers and their followers, or target people that you identify through demographics. Each has their uses, but for the most part, you’ll want to stick to the third or fourth options (unless you only want people who currently follow you. This option can be more tightly targeted, meaning a higher percentage of your viewers will actually be more likely to click).

You can also create an ad that delivers clicks to your website. Think of it as a cheaper version of Google AdWords. Just be sure to use a great, captivating picture with compelling text. And remember, you don’t have a lot of room to work with when it comes to text, so make each word count.