Google and Twitter’s Deal: What’s Next? | Naples Social Media

Google and Twitter’s Deal: What’s Next? | Naples Social Media

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In case you didn’t hear, last month Google and Twitter – two  of the world’s most popular digital brands – entered into an agreement to make tweets searchable.

The deal will basically give Google access to Twitter’s API, which is its stream of information and data (including tweets). Google will then make tweets searchable, as well as incorporate tweets into the search engine itself.

This is news because Twitter’s API hasn’t been fully open to Google in the past, and tweets haven’t been indexed by search engines. That has been one of the biggest missing links between SEO and social media, but now it appears it may be going away, at least in some form.

What does this mean for brands who are interested in Naples social media? Does this vault Twitter to the top of the list of must-use social media platforms?

For starters, the deal has immediate impact on real-time searches. When an event happens, tweets regarding the event from all of the world will start to show up in Google searches in real time, meaning brands who want to engage in real-time marketing and tweeting can get even more visibility.

It also means that Twitter will likely start to be included in signals – indicators that Google uses to determine the worth of a website in terms of relevance and authority when it ranks websites in search results. Social media signals have existed before, but now tweets will play a role – meaning there’s even more of a reason to get involved in Naples social media for SEO benefits.

Does this mean that Twitter should replace Facebook for your most important social media platform? For many businesses, Facebook will still reign supreme. But, even if Facebook doesn’t become less important, Twitter becomes more important.

We recommend dipping your toe in the Twitter waters if you haven’t already when it comes to Naples social media marketing.