How to Get More Links for Your Website | Naples SEO

How to Get More Links for Your Website | Naples SEO

The entire point of Naples SEO is to get more traffic to your website through higher rankings in search engine results – and building links is a big part of that.

For every link you get that goes to your website from somewhere else, you are giving Google a valuable signal that your website is worth ranking – and ranking highly. The more solid links, the more signals you’ll get; and the more signals you get, the higher your ranking will be (all other things considered equal).

How do you get more links? What are the best ways to get legitimate links in a non-spammy way?

What Makes a Good Link?

First, we’ll explore what a good link is for a Naples SEO campaign.

A good link:

  • Is reputable (comes from a reputable source)
  • Has relevance to your target audience
  • Sends people directly to your website or landing page
  • Improves your reputation

Back in the day, you could basically buy tons of links from link farms. Now, Google deems all of those links as bad, which means it’s even more important to be careful what links you get to your website.

Now, we’ll talk about a few methods of getting more Naples SEO links.

Nominate Your Business for Contests

Local publications usually run business-oriented contests throughout the year. Best Businesses, Top 40 Under 40, etc. – all of these are examples of contests that you can enter simply by nominating your business.

The benefit? Even if you don’t win, you could still possibly earn a link from them to your website.

Host an Event in Your Community

This approach doubles as good PR because it puts your name out there in the community and earns goodwill while also adding a link or two.

Sponsor an event. It can be a 5k run, an Easter egg hunt, a toy drop off for children in need, or virtually anything else. Share it with your local newspapers and publications and try to put it on as many online calendars as you can with various organizations and community groups across town. Each of those should come with a link back to your website.

Create a Guide for the Community

Create a page on your website that has a list of resources for people in the community. This could be guides to local restaurants, hotels, attractions, arts and entertainment, specialty stores, outdoor recreation, etc. – you name it, it’s all fair game.

Then, promote the guide. Send the page and an email to each of the venues or organizations mentioned on your page and ask them to link back to it on their website. (Just try to avoid linking to their websites from your page; it looks like you’re getting reciprocal links, which isn’t as good. You can just type out the URL without linking to it.)

Share this with the local newspaper, too, and see if they’ll link to it.