Using Call-Only Google Ads | Naples Marketing

Using Call-Only Google Ads | Naples Marketing

Want to improve your Naples marketing campaign? Do you take in a lot of phone calls and want people to call your business?

If both of those are true, you could take advantage of a new feature for your Naples marketing campaign – call-only ads.

Google released call-only ads in February 2015, so they are brand new. Basically, they create ads on Google search results that prompt people to make phone calls to your business, which is absolutely perfect for a wide range of organizations that want incoming calls – places like restaurants, clothing stores, storage rentals, moving companies, or anyone who takes appointments.

Call-only ads are designed to be shown only on mobile devices, which is good because that’s where a vast majority of people get their search results. (Plus, it’s convenient; since they’re already on their phone, they’re far more likely to call you.)

Also, these campaigns cut out the landing page that you usually associate with a search-based campaign. Landing pages are the weak links of a campaign; they can result in up to 19 out of 20 prospects leaving the process altogether instead of giving you a call. In this situation, you don’t want visits to a landing page or a website; you want phone calls directly to your business.

How can you take advantage? First, you’ll want a unique phone number – one that is different from your main business number so you can track your campaign results. Then, you simply create an ad with the phone number and 1-2 sentences that briefly deliver a call to action. You don’t have a lot of space, so it needs to be impactful.

Your ad will contain a link to a page, the number, your call-to-action, and a Call button that they can easily press and go straight to the call.

If you want more phone calls, strongly consider call-only Google ads for your Naples marketing campaign.