What to Do with a Blog Post | Online Marketing in Naples

What to Do with a Blog Post | Online Marketing in Naples

Are you engaging in online marketing in Naples? Is blogging a part of your campaign? If so, there are ways you can extend your blogging with little effort and get better results.

A blog is a great resource, but merely posting posts to your website has its limits. Sure, it’s good for SEO, but it won’t attract as many readers as you want – not unless you take a few extra steps.

Here, we’ll talk about those extra steps you can take with each blog post when online marketing in Naples.

Post to Social Media

For starters, at a minimum, each blog post should be shared socially.

Don’t just paste the link, though. Write a short, snappy description of the post and why someone should want to read it. Be creative. Give them a reason to click on the link. Include an image and hashtags and you’re good to go. It doesn’t take much time and the results can be great.

Distribute Via Email

If you have an email list (and you should), you can also send each blog post out through email.

Chances are, you’re blogging at least once a week. Getting a weekly email update about a blog that people can find useful is no big deal, so don’t worry about spamming your readers (unless you happen to blog multiple times per week).

Incorporate It into a Newsletter

You can also create an easy-to-use newsletter out of blog posts.

Just take four blog posts, add a couple of pictures, write a call-to-action for a sale, discount, or other offer, include an inspirational quote, throw in a news item or two you’ve seen elsewhere, and there you have it – a monthly newsletter! It’s really that simple, and your blog posts can be the foundation of that effort.

See If Someone Wants to Publish It

Before you publish your blog post on your blog, occasionally see if someone else wants it first.

Ask other blogs related to your target audience if they’ll post it on their websites. Submit it to publications like magazines and newspapers. Try to get it placed elsewhere first. You don’t have to do this with every blog, but it helps to try at least once a month.

Write an eBook

What happens if you’ve been blogging while online marketing in Naples and you have a nice backlog or archive of blog posts?

Turn them into an eBook!

An eBook doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just edit the blog posts into something resembling a book – each blog post can be its own chapter, for example – throw in a cover and a few illustrations, and you have something to offer people that takes you little time to develop.

What are some other ideas you’ve had for using your blog posts?