The Formula for Getting More Links | Florida Internet Marketing

The Formula for Getting More Links | Florida Internet Marketing

Want to know how to get more links for your website?

Getting links – which not only drive traffic to your site, but also boost its search engine ranking – is a cornerstone of digital marketing. The websites that have lots of reputable links perform better than those who don’t, which means if your competition is getting links, but you’re not, you’re in trouble.

Getting more links in a Florida Internet marketing campaign means following a formula that isn’t exactly scientific. This is because link-building is as much an art as it is a science. Generally speaking, though, the formula is:

Interesting Content + A Unique Angle + High Shareability + Visibility with Target Audience + Consistency = More Links

We’ll talk about each of these briefly.

Interesting Content

The content you create has to be interesting. It also has to be relevant to your audience. Avoid topics that are dry and boring. Stick with content that helps people, or provides something entertaining, or gives people a way to improve themselves or their businesses.

A Unique Angle

You also need to approach your content from a unique angle. Make it different from everything else on the Internet. Every accountant could write something titled “Three Tax Tips for the Upcoming Tax Season”. But you’ll have more success if you create a piece titled “Stop Doing These Three Things Now – They’re Costing You Money!”

High Shareability

This refers to how much people want to share your content. Pieces with high shareability are usually visual in nature, have a captivating headline that grabs your attention, have broad appeal (they aren’t just for a very limited group of people), and are written in simplified way as to be easily understood. They’re also not “safe”, either; the more you go out on a limb with a piece of content and be “outrageous”, the more it’ll get shared.

Visibility with Target Audience

You have to be able to put your piece in front of your target audience. In the world of Florida Internet marketing, this could mean putting it out via social media, or sending it out as an email newsletter. You could even promote it with an ad. The point is to put it where people who are interested in it can see it.


You can’t just create one piece and hope it takes off. You need to create content on a regular basis, and frequently, so you can build up an audience and increase your chances that your pieces will be noticed.

Follow this formula and you’ll be well on your way to earning more links for your website.