What Is Local Optimization? | SEO Services in Florida

What Is Local Optimization? | SEO Services in Florida

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When pursuing SEO services Florida, you may have come across something called local optimization. But what does that term actually mean? And, more importantly, what can it do for you?

To answer that, we have to first explore the point behind SEO in general. SEO Services in Florida exists to:

  • Increase your ranking on search engine results pages, which
  • Boosts the number of people who see your website in response to a query, which
  • Eventually drives website traffic to your site.

Local optimization has the same goals and eventually helps to do the same thing – with one addition. It goes beyond what standard SEO accomplishes in order to target one specific group of people: potential customers in your local area who are using search engines to find goods and services near them.

Searching Globally Versus Searching Locally

There are two general types of results that you get from a Google search: global and local.

Global includes everyone from anywhere, basically any site – no matter where the business is actually located – that Google deems relevant to your search.

Local, on the other hand, naturally focuses on businesses and entities based on a geographic area. Google knows this because these businesses have Google Places listings in which they have, among other things, their street addresses.

Over the last half-decade, local search has become increasingly emphasized by Google. According to research, 56 percent of “on-the-go” searches (i.e. mobile searches) have local intent. In other words, people are looking for local information, such as phone numbers, addresses, operating hours, etc. Google knows that local businesses, then, are more relevant, which is why they want to show you businesses in your local area versus entities hundreds of miles away.

This is good for most small businesses out there (and many larger ones with widespread locations) because they aren’t interested in getting traffic from people halfway across the country. Most small businesses interested in SEO services in Florida only want customers from their local area.

The Nuts and Bolts of Local Optimization

To provide Google with the data it needs to determine where you’re located and how relevant you are to a search, Google uses a variety of directories that all contain business listings – i.e. pertinent information about your local business. Google Places is just one source of this information.

Local optimization basically ensures that your information is correct and complete across these directories. It gives you a degree of control over how you show up to local customers. It also increases the chances that your information will be seen near the top of the list when customers search for your services.

Without local optimization, it’s easy to be invisible. It’s also easy to deter customers because you have incorrect information out there across various listings.

Local optimization is just one way to better ensure that you have the right info in the right place for the right customers.

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