How to Make Your Facebook Posts Better | Social Media Naples

How to Make Your Facebook Posts Better | Social Media Naples

Want to improve your social media in Naples? If so, you’re not alone – everyone does. Social media in Naples can help drive traffic, increase engagement, and win new customers, especially if you know how to fully integrate Facebook into your campaign.

Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the main engines to a successful social media campaign. It’s the world’s most popular platform, by far. Leveraging the full power of Facebook is important.

That’s why you need to learn how to create the most engaging Facebook posts possible. Here are some social media in Naples tips to help increase your success.

Use Post End Dates

Did you know you can set an end date for your post so that after a certain period of time, it no longer shows up in your followers’ newsfeeds? It’s true (if you’ve enabled the Targeting and Privacy settings) and it can be useful if you:

  • Post time-sensitive offers, such as discounts or contests; or
  • Post multiple times per day and don’t want to compete against yourself.

Use Interest Targeting

You can also improve your posts by targeting them toward specific segments of your followers based on their interests.

This is a fairly new feature that Facebook has added. This allows you to select various interests that you can target people with, interests like “parenting”, “children”, “sports”, etc. If you sell various products to different types of people, this can come in handy. Even if you only have one general audience, you can hone in on that audience more effectively.

Time Your Posts Properly

When you post can be just as important as what you post.

Typically, engagement is higher from Thursday through Sunday. Engagement and visibility also typically increases after 3pm during the week.

Experimentation will give you the best results. Try this: take one Facebook post and post it on Thursday during one week. Then, the next week or the next week after that, post it again at the same exact time – except on a different day. See which one gives you the best results. To find the right time, just reverse it – post the same post twice on the same day except with different times each post.