Why Non-Responsive Websites Will Hurt Your Business | Florida Web Design

Why Non-Responsive Websites Will Hurt Your Business | Florida Web Design

If you’re like most Florida businesses, you have a website. And if you’re like most companies with a website, you probably depend on your website to do work – to attract traffic and showcase your company in a positive way so people want to do business with you.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most of these businesses, you have a website that is non-responsive. In other words, your website doesn’t play nice with screens of different sizes, like monitors of various sizes, tablets, and smartphones.

This is a big no-no in the world of Florida web design. Having a non-responsive website that doesn’t change its layout based on what size screen the viewer is using means bad things for your website – and your business.

People Hate Non-Responsive Websites

The main reason to have a responsive website – a website that adjusts itself to the size of the screen the viewer is using – is because people hate non-responsive sites.

It’s true. We hate to scroll, pinch, squint, zoom in, and a million other things we do to websites that may look fine on our desktop but look terrible on a tablet or a smartphone.

In fact, people hate non-responsive websites so much that they’ll quickly leave a site that isn’t responsive. If the website is hard to read – the pictures and text are too small, the buttons and links are hard to click, etc. – then they’ll “bounce”, which is what it is called when people visit a site only to leave it immediately.

Driving down your bounce rate, the rate at which people leave at once, is incredibly important when boosting your website’s effectiveness.

The Solution: Responsive Florida Web Design

It’s clear that having a non-responsive site will drive down your traffic and your user experience, which will result in less business for you.

The solution is to use Florida web design that is responsive. Building a responsive website is not only good for your customers; it’s a strong signal to Google that your website is legit and should be ranked highly. Thus, responsive design can actually help your website’s search engine rankings, which improves visibility.

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