Bad Social Media Marketing Advice You Shouldn’t Follow

Bad Social Media Marketing Advice You Shouldn’t Follow

Social media marketing is important – so important that everyone tries their hand at it. That means a lot of business owners are looking to the Internet to get advice from pros about what they should do and how they should do it.

That doesn’t mean all of that advice is good, though. Some of it isn’t – and can derail your campaign (or at least make it not nearly as effective).

Here are some pieces of social media marketing advice that are bad and shouldn’t be followed by anyone.

Be On Every Platform Ever

There are a lot of social media platforms out there. A ton of them. And some people think you should be on just about all of them in order to be effective.

So, whenever a new platform is launched, people rush to be an early adopter. But the danger of being on every platform is because you can spread yourself really thin and not do a good job of engaging with people on the most important platforms.

This is because not every platform is right for you. Stick to the ones that host your target audience, and avoid those that are irrelevant or not as important.

Flood the Page with Updates

Only posting once a week probably won’t do much for you. In order to avoid this, many business owners take the opposite approach – posting as many times as humanly possible!

Posting 100,000 times a week isn’t going to do much because people are going to distance themselves from you as your “news” steadily takes over their feeds. They only want to see meaningful, important content – not a steady stream of content that isn’t either of the two and is just there to fill space and time.

Pace yourself and only post when you have something meaningful to contribute.

Don’t Deal with Negative Comments – Ever

People will occasionally leave negative comments on your Facebook page. Negative comments aren’t usually good, but they can become much, much worse if you fail to reply – or just delete them from your page.

Never delete negative comments (unless they contain vulgar or offensive language) and don’t ignore people when they say something bad. Instead, address their comments in a positive way and try to turn a bad comment into a good experience. You may not convert the person leaving the initial comment, but you could convert people reading it.

What other bad pieces of social media marketing advice have you seen?