Social Media Marketing Tips: Be A LinkedIn Superstar

Social Media Marketing Tips: Be A LinkedIn Superstar

Social Media Marketing Tips

If you want to be a social media rock star, you have to eventually master the platforms that matter the most to your target audience.

And if you’re into the business-to-business segment, there’s no better platform than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn gives you the chance to reach business-oriented professionals who are interested in products and services that can make their professional lives easier. They’re also into any helpful and informative content you have to offer.

That all allows you to take advantage and become a LinkedIn superstar through social media marketing tips!

Curate Engaging Content

The first thing you can do, once you create and optimize your page, is to start curating content.

Not everything you share on LinkedIn needs to be created by you. People just want content, period. They’ll take it wherever they can get it. So, if you can find great content floating around out there, you can start posting it to your page and sharing it through your network.

Sharing Content

Speaking of, you’ll need to share that content once you generate it.

Get everyone in your company who is on LinkedIn to share your content through their own personal networks. The more, the merrier. You want as many people as possible to see your updates.

Creating Your Own Content

You’ll also want to create your own content.

LinkedIn has created a publishing platform called, appropriately, LinkedIn Publisher. You can create long-form content (think articles and blog posts) that go out to the greater LinkedIn network at large. And, if they’re good enough, they can go pretty far.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Finally, you can further extend your reach through social media marketing on LinkedIn by advertising on the platform.

Advertising does cost money, but it’s an investment. If you really want to make full use of LinkedIn, you’ll need to put your message out there where people outside your network can see it. Advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive than advertising on Facebook, granted, but it is still cheaper than other digital or traditional options.

Try these tips and see if your LinkedIn presence soars!