Reviewing Local Search Ranking Factors | SEO Services in Florida

Reviewing Local Search Ranking Factors | SEO Services in Florida

Local search engine optimization is a big part of our SEO services in Florida, primarily because it’s crucial to many of our clients, who own and operate small to medium-sized businesses with local customer bases.

Ignoring local for them is not an option. Most of their business comes from local. That’s why we’ve focused on local SEO in a big way.

Recently, revealed its 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors survey, to help us all better understand what factors are most important when it comes to ranking locally. Moz surveyed some of the industry’s leading experts on their perceptions of what it takes to rank well. Since Google keeps this information close to the vest, this is our best estimate of what works and what doesn’t.

The biggest single factor in determining local rank is still on-page signals, at 20.3 percent. This includes domain authority, keywords optimized on the page, your NAP (name, address, and phone number), and other on-page ingredients in the overall recipe. This is no surprise; this remains the foundation.

Right behind on-page signals is link signals. This actually went up from last year, suggesting that links are playing more of a role. Link singles include inbound anchor text, the domain authority of the source linking to your website (such as a Chamber of Commerce or another authoritative source), how many links you have, and how good those links are.

One thing the survey revealed is that claiming your Google My Business listing is important. My Business signals constituted 14.7 percent of the overall results and includes fully completing and optimizing your My Business listing with appropriate keywords.

The survey also revealed that social signals still make up a piece, but not as big of a piece as you’d think – especially being present on Google+, which is losing its influence (if there was any to begin with). You still need to be on social media for other reasons, and it does help – it’s just not one of the most important ranking factors.

Finally, we understood that external local signals, such as citations in online directories, isn’t as important as other factors. It came in fourth overall with 13.6 percent. It’s still vital to have accurate citations all over the Internet. (A citation is anything that has your NAP and other business-related information. It can be something like, Yelp, or a host of others.)

Local SEO is still a big part of SEO services in Florida. It’s just that you need to be able to adapt to it as it changes, especially in the future. We anticipate more changes and more shifts as the process matures and evolves, and staying on top of them is key.