How Much Time Do SEO Services in Florida Take?

How Much Time Do SEO Services in Florida Take?

It’s no secret that SEO services in Florida are vital to the success of any business that has a website. And since most businesses have websites, that means SEO is crucial to business success, period.

But some people think SEO is easy to implement. They think it only takes a short amount of time and can be done in a snap – and it doesn’t take a professional to do it.

These beliefs couldn’t be further from the truth. Here, we’ll talk about the process that results in your pages being optimized for search engines.


Setting Up for SEO

The time it takes to SEO a website varies, but the number of hours can easily stretch into the dozens, if not hundreds, depending on the size of the site.

It all starts with the setup. Your website has to be prepared for SEO, otherwise it won’t work. This means potentially redesigning the entire site, updating sitemaps, reworking the navigation, implementing keywords throughout with proper formatting, checking for bad code throughout the site or 404 errors, boosting the site’s load speed (since that plays a role in ranking), and improving the site’s security (which also plays a role in ranking).

That’s just the beginning, too. The actual process involves many more factors, some big, some small. A list would be very lengthy. Basically, we operate from a giant checklist to fine-tune your site.

Developing Content

Content development is another time-consuming piece of the puzzle. Content is of the utmost importance. Developing the original content for the pages itself is crucial, but so is developing ongoing content.

Google likes fresh content, so blog posts (like this one) help fill that need. No SEO services in Florida are really complete without a good blogging campaign.

Measurement, Analytics, and Monitoring

You’ll also spend a lot of time making sure your SEO is working properly.

This means living in Google Analytics to figure out things like bounce rates, time on page, hot pages, and other essential metrics. You want to be able to optimize and tweak the site as you go, which means monitoring it regularly and delving into the analytics at your disposal.

As you can imagine, all of this adds up to quite a few hours. It can be as low as 10 hours a week, or as high as 100 hours a week – depending on your scale, your budget, and your competition. But it’s completely and totally worth it – and completely vital to the success of a website.