Taking Advantage of Long-Tail Keywords | SEO Services in Florida

Taking Advantage of Long-Tail Keywords | SEO Services in Florida

The most cost-effective way to get new customers using digital marketing is organic traffic. And the best source for organic traffic to a website is through search engines – which means SEO services in Florida are crucial for success for businesses in the Sunshine State.

The single most important factor that drives successful SEO is proper keyword selection. Ranking for the right keywords is what everyone is after. Ranking for the wrong keywords is bad, even if you get a top ranking (you won’t get targeted traffic because you’ll be ranking for something irrelevant to your business).

That’s where finding and taking advantage of good long-tail keywords comes into play.

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains three to four words on average. Most of them have to do with geographical location. For example, “SEO company in Naples” is a long-tail keyword, whereas “SEO company” isn’t. Or, “pediatric dentist in Fort Myers” is a long-tail keyword, even better than “dentist in Fort Myers” (another long-tail keyword).

A good long-tail keyword is effective because it is precise. A user who types in a long-tail phrase is looking for exactly that phrase, and nothing else. Chances are, if you rank high for that phrase, and someone clicks on your link, you’ll receive a visit from a highly-interested potential customer, which is exactly what you want.

Go deeper when you perform your keyword research. Walk the fine line between being too broad and getting words that are way too competitive and being too specific and getting keywords that get hardly any traffic. The middle ground – higher relevance, lower competition, higher search volume – is where you want to be, and that’s where long-tail keywords come into play.

Add location modifiers. Be more specific about products and services. Be more descriptive. Try to modify your existing short-tail keywords to make them more targeted.

By taking advantage of and optimizing your long-tail keywords, you’ll see better performance for your SEO campaign. Talk to us about our SEO services in Florida to learn more and get started!