Rich Media Snippets Help Boost SEO Results | SEO Services in Florida

Rich Media Snippets Help Boost SEO Results | SEO Services in Florida

Did you know that when it comes to SEO, you no longer have to be first on the page?

It’s true – but it’s not because SEO has changed drastically overnight. It means the rise of rich media has made it so that listings in the second, third, or fourth position – or even lower – can still compete and get their fair share of links.

A rich media snippet is something extra that adds a little “oomph” to your listing. If you’ve ever seen a five-star review pop up next to that blue link on a results page, you’ve seen rich media. The same goes for a picture, a map, show times for a movie – anything that adds extra context to a listing.

Rich media is starting to matter more and more because studies have shown that it attracts eyeballs and gets clicks – to the point where a second-place ranking can actually get more clicks than a listing in the first position.

That was unheard of just a few years ago, but now it’s a reality.

Putting Rich Media In Your Listing

So, how do you make rich media a part of your listing and attract more clicks?

It’s all about Schema markup. Schema markup is the preferred way to mark up a website using HTML. Google, Yahoo, and Bing all prefer Schema. Schema is an HTML-based way to add rich media to your listing, just like you would add a meta description or a title tag (except it’s a bit more complicated, but not by much).

With Schema, you can add a wide range of components to your search engine listing, which can help people notice your listing over the competition’s – even if they’re above you.

You no longer have to be in the top spot to get clicks. You just have to be savvy about taking control of your online listings and how they appear and give users more of an incentive to look down the page and select your link. Rich media helps make that happen.

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