What Halloween Costumes Can Teach You About SEO

What Halloween Costumes Can Teach You About SEO

Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t already bought costumes for your family, don’t fret – there’s still time to go online and search for a costume.

That is, after all, what millions of Americans have done so far this year – many of them well before October even got here. Everyone from parents to college students have used search engines to find the perfect costume, which means countless businesses in the costume industry have prepared for the onslaught and optimized accordingly.

We can actually learn a good bit about SEO services in Florida from taking a look at how people are searching for Halloween costumes.

For example, did you know what the number one costume-related search was in 2014? It actually wasn’t “Halloween costume”, as you might think. It was actually “elsa costume”, and it wasn’t even close. The second-place search was “wonder woman costume”, followed by “minion costume”.

Notice how each of these searches is hyper-specific. “Costume” is too broad and competitive, obviously, but it’s not even useful. Someone looking for an Elsa costume from Frozen isn’t going to want to scroll through hundreds of unrelated costumes.

It also shows us that people generally have something in mind, even a specific brand or product, when they search online. To compensate, we have to understand what they are looking for, specifically, and then optimize for that keyword, even if it is more narrow.

Another popular keyword search was “elsa costume girls frozen”. This is obviously a very specific keyword, so if you ranked for that keyword, and sold those costumes, any click would be from a targeted audience member who is definitely interested in buying from you.

This shows that you can add qualifiers to reduce the number of people that are searching to only those who are highly interested in what you have to offer. It’s also easier to compete for “elsa costume girls frozen” than “elsa costume”.

We also have learned, through data released by major search engines, that more people are searching for Halloween costumes through mobile devices than PCs or Macs. In fact, in 2014, Halloween costume searches grew by 1,052 percent on Bing on mobile. This shows how important mobile is for SEO services in Florida. Neglect mobile at your peril by not having mobile-friendly ads and pages.

Halloween is scary – and so is the prospect of not being up-to-date on SEO for your website. Contact us for help.