Creating Drip Campaigns in a Florida Internet Marketing Campaign

Creating Drip Campaigns in a Florida Internet Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a big component of Florida Internet marketing. Everyone has email, everyone uses it, and everyone spends a lot of time on it.

So, naturally, it just makes sense to have a form of email marketing for your campaign.

Of course, you could just do what everyone else does and send out monthly newsletters and periodic email blasts for new products and services. But you could also take it to the next level and do something called drip email marketing.

What Is Drip Email Marketing?

Drip email marketing, or a drip campaign, seeks to deliver information and encourage people to take action, in an automated way.

The goal is to give people options and keep feeding them emails until they take a particular action. Let’s say you want to get people to hire you to perform a service. Your first email can introduce yourself and ask them to download a white paper on whatever service it is that you perform.

If they open the white paper, maybe your next automated email sends them a more in-depth look at your service, in the form of a free ebook. If they download that ebook, then your next email could ask them for an appointment or a free quote.

This way, they’ve shown interest in you through two levels, so you know they’re engaged and are potential clients.

What if they don’t open the white paper? Then you can send them a video. If they watch the video, you send them an ebook, and if they download the ebook, you ask them for a quote.

If they say “No” to the video as well, the system will automatically drop them from your list, since they’re clearly not interested in you.

The beauty of a drip campaign as a part of a Florida Internet marketing strategy is that it is a completely automated way to qualify your prospects for you to find the ones who are actually interested in your services (or products).

If you want to incorporate drip email marketing into your campaign, talk to a Florida Internet marketing specialist who can help you set one up and create the content necessary to go into the campaign.