What to Do About JavaScript and CSS? SEO Services in Florida

What to Do About JavaScript and CSS? SEO Services in Florida

The world of SEO services in Florida is constantly changing. Things change all the time. Google’s algorithm shifts on a monthly basis, and what was a best practice a few months or years ago no longer is.

Many webmasters have received a message from Google in the past about how Googlebot – the mechanism by which Google crawls the Internet and notices your website – can’t access files for CSS and JavaScript. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, which determines what your website looks like, and JavaScript is one of the most popular dynamic coding languages online today.

A best practice for years was to block those files, since they’re usually a part of the admin area on WordPress and in WordPress plugin folders. But now, Google seemingly wants you to unblock them. What gives?

There are essentially a couple of main reasons why Google now wants to be able to access those files in your backend.

The first reason is due to the rise of mobile-friendly websites. To make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, Google needs to be able to render your entire website – and that includes JavaScript and CSS. This is important because more people are searching on mobile devices, which means Google applies a pretty significant value to mobile-friendly websites.

Also, these files are important for Google’s algorithm. They first need to make sure you aren’t hiding keywords and links in those files, which black hat providers of SEO services in Florida used to do a long time ago (actually, not too long ago).

Also, they need to make sure that your page layout isn’t anything screwy or suspicious. Case in point: you can use CSS to make it look like your web pages have valuable content on the top half of the page, the most valuable space, when you really just have a bunch of ads – which Google frowns upon.

To stay on track, make sure these files are unblocked on your website so that Google can properly crawl them.