Is Ad Retargeting As Good as Search Advertising?

Is Ad Retargeting As Good as Search Advertising?

For years now, the Holy Grail of Florida Internet marketing (and elsewhere) has been search advertising.

You’ve all seen them – those ads that show up at the top and right-hand sides of the screen when you search for something using Google. You may have even clicked on a few before.

They are incredibly effective and one of the main Internet marketing methods for many businesses – and the biggest reason why Google is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

But could ad retargeting be just as good – or even better?

Ad Retargeting Explained

Ad retargeting is a simple process that we’ve all seen before, even if we didn’t know what to call it.

If you’ve visited a website, then went elsewhere on the Internet, only to find ads for that particular website, then you’ve been stalked by ad retargeting. This process puts a cookie on your computer when you visit Website A. Then, when you leave and go to Website B, you see an ad for Website A on Website B that wants you to go back to Website A.

This works because only about three out of every 100 visitors will actually take any kind of action when they go to your website. The other 97 will leave and many of them won’t come back. But with ad retargeting, more of your visitors come back a second, third, or fourth time and take action, whether it’s filling out a form or buying a product.

How It Could Be Better

Over 90 percent of marketing professionals surveyed in one survey said they thought ad retargeting was as good as or better than search advertising because of one thing: intent.

Someone who clicks on an ad retargeting ad clearly is interested in what you have to do and say, since they’ve already been to your site once and are willing to go back again. This excludes people who have no interest in you from clicking on your ads, which is sometimes the case with search advertising.

With ad retargeting in your Florida Internet marketing mix, you could get more qualified traffic from your visitors and maximize your website’s impact on those who make it there in the first place. It’s a powerful solution that could be something you could use – give it a thought!