What Makes for a Low-Quality Web Page?

What Makes for a Low-Quality Web Page?

As we all know, Google likes to give high-quality web pages the highest rankings. That means that low-quality websites get penalized and don’t get nearly as high of rankings as websites with better pages.

But what makes a page a low-quality page? What factors impact your ranking and make a page “bad”?

Here are a few factors you should avoid when you create your page, from Florida Internet marketing experts.

Low-Quality Main Content

The most important factor is the content that is on your website. This includes the words, images, and videos that transmit information to the visitor.

Low-quality content typically comes in the form of content that has been “spun” – or taken from another online source and “rewritten” just by changing a few words here and there. Also, content that is poorly written is also a no-no.

Content that is useless, full of fluff and filler, and crammed with keywords is also low-quality content and will incur a rating penalty.

Insufficient Content

Not having enough content on a page can also make a page a low-quality one.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a great page with just a few sentences of content. It means that if the amount of content on the page isn’t sufficient to explain what the page is about, and confers no benefits to the user, then it’s not enough.

Sometimes, on complex topics, more content is needed. Going long isn’t necessarily a bad thing, either; people have gotten used to longer content, and if it helps explain a complicated topic or helps provide added value, it should be included.

Disguised Ads as Content

Google frowns upon disguising your ads in any way, especially when disguising them as content. Visitors should be able to easily see that ads are ads. They should be able to ignore them, too, and be able to focus on the content, so if your ads overshadow the content, they should go.

Negative Reputation

This largely applies to the website as a whole, not any particular web page. If your website has a bad reputation online – more than just a couple of negative reviews, for example – it will lower your quality score and potentially affect your rankings. This isn’t cut-and-dry, though, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

Poor Design

A web page should be easy to navigate and understand. It doesn’t have to be beautiful – plenty of ugly websites rank well – but it needs to be clean, concise, and clear.

It should also be designed in a way that everything loads quickly, there aren’t any broken links, and everything functions as it should.

Contact Florida Internet marketing experts to create a website with pages that stand out for their quality, not in spite of it.