Links May Be More Important in 2016 for SEO Services in Florida

Links May Be More Important in 2016 for SEO Services in Florida

SEO services in Florida changes on a seemingly weekly basis. Years ago, links coming in and out of your website were all the rage. But people started taking advantage of that and doing shady things to get more links, like buying them from link farms. That’s why Google cracked down on the practice and made links not as important.

But that could be changing as links could be even more important for digital marketing.

Links are great signals for SEO, they’re easy to understand, and they provide tangible benefits for SEO. They also generate exposure for your brand. There’s a direct correlation between the number of high-quality links you have and the online visibility you have for your business.

Of course, links aren’t the easiest things in the world to get – not the links that matter, at any rate. They require work. They take a strategic focus on building relationships with other websites and getting these inbound links that matter so much.

How can you get more links?

You can write guest blog posts for other blogs. You can also write articles for online websites, like news websites, industry sites, etc. These generate inbound links that look really good to Google if they come from authoritative websites.

Article websites may be an exception. Inbound links coming from article directories like HubPages aren’t necessarily the best links you can get for your site. It takes a lot of time to get quality follow links from these types of sites, and they’re not always worth that time.

Creating original content that people naturally want to link to is also important. Videos in particular generate great links, because everyone likes a well-done, creative video. If you create content that is useful and engaging and relevant, you’ll have better success when you reach out to authoritative websites and ask for links.

Don’t turn away from links when talking about SEO services in Florida. They’re still quite important.