3 Advanced Tips for Social Media Marketing in Naples

3 Advanced Tips for Social Media Marketing in Naples

Social media marketing in Naples is hugely important for many businesses, yet even the ones who are socially active haven’t yet mastered using social media as a bona fide marketing tool.

For those who have tried social media and want to know more they can do to improve their chances at finding new business, here are three advanced tips.

Including Call Buttons in Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are incredibly important and useful. By paying a relatively low amount of money (it’s the cheapest form of advertising online today) you can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

One problem with this process, though, is you have to send people to a landing page, or a page on your website, to seal the deal. That single step results in tons of lost customers because people don’t necessarily want to go to a separate page. They want to take action right now.

Well, with Facebook “Call” buttons, you can get people to call directly from the ad, if they’re on their mobile device. And truth be told, most people view Facebook from their phones. This is a way to bypass the landing page and get direct results – in the form of a ringing phone.

Use Life Events to Target

Facebook advertising is powerful. But how can you reach people when they need your services?

Use “Life Events” – a parameter in Facebook ads that allow you to target people who have had life events, such as having a baby, getting engaged, getting a new job, etc.

Imagine that you’re a newlywed for three months to a year. What do you think about doing? If you said “Buying a home”, you’d be right. Thus, it’s a perfect time for a real estate agency to target people who have been married anywhere from a few months to a year.

It gets even better if you sell baby clothes or book your venue for weddings, because you can target people when those events happen to them. It’s pretty neat!

Turn to Social Remarketing

Ever go to a website, see a product that you thought was interesting, but left the website before buying – only to see an ad for that exact same product pop up in your Facebook feed?

That’s called social remarketing (or retargeting) and it’s incredibly powerful. It’s a way to get visitors to your site to take action. And, it works for people who sell services instead of products. Take a real estate agent, for example. If someone searches for homes on your site, you can have ads that either show those homes or promote yourself as an agent.

Social media marketing in Naples works, and will work better if you follow those three tips!