Want to Know the Biggest Factors in SEO Ranking?

Want to Know the Biggest Factors in SEO Ranking?

When it comes to SEO services in Florida, there are a lot of different factors that come into play. (There are probably more than a billion, slight exaggeration.)

But two of the most important factors are factors that have always been important: quality backlinks and comprehensive content.

A study from Backlinko examined over a million search results and came to a few conclusions. One conclusion was that backlinks are incredibly important. By backlinks, we don’t only mean the links that go from a website back to your website; we’re also referring to the number of referring domains and the relative domain authority of each domain.

The higher the domain that is linking to you, roughly speaking, the higher your ranking will be. That underscores how important it is to get good, follow backlinks from other sites to your own through SEO services in Florida.

Comprehensive content was the additional factor that is really important. Comprehensive content means content that comes from a trusted authority and is long enough to matter. Content that is less than 1,000 words doesn’t really work as well as content that is around 2,000 words. This isn’t to say that every piece has to have over 1,000 words. But, it does mean there is a positive correlation between ranking and word length.

When creating your content, it’s best to be thorough. Cover the topic as completely as you can. Add plenty of links and images and stats. Make it something that is authoritative and useful to your target audience, something they could really use. Do that, and you’ll have more comprehensive content.

This isn’t to say that other factors aren’t important. They are. You can’t get by with just great content and good backlinks. You need additional help with your website to fully attract the eye of the search engine.

Start with these two with your SEO services in Florida to make sure you are on the right track.