A Quick Guide to Link-Building | SEO Services in Florida

A Quick Guide to Link-Building | SEO Services in Florida

Link-building is one of those strategies that used to be much more important for SEO than it is today.

Back in the day, when SEO services in Florida were young, link-building was basically the name of the game (well, that and keyword stuffing). Your website’s ranking depended greatly on the number and quality of links that were linking back to it from other websites. It was a sign that your website was known and respected, meaning Google thought it was good enough to rank highly.

But spammers and black-hat SEOs started abusing link-building, which made Google penalize a lot of websites and create several updates (i.e. Penguin, Panda) that helped downgrade link-building. A lot of what used to work before doesn’t work anymore.

That doesn’t mean link-building is dead. It’s actually still an incredibly valuable strategy – if you have the time and patience to do it well.

Why Get a Link?

As mentioned above, a link is a signal to Google that your website is relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative. That means Google is more likely to assign value to your website, meaning it gets a higher ranking.

The more quality links you have, the better your website will rank (all other things considered equal, of course). And while internal links (links between pages on your website) are important, inbound or external links coming to your website from another website are the most valuable of them all. Those are the ones you want to pursue.

How to Get Inbound Links

There are a few general ways you can get inbound links:

  • Ask for them: Build relationships with bloggers and other website owners and ask for a link. This is the most effective way to build high-quality links, although it takes the most work. You have to give these bloggers/owners a reason to link to you, generally because your content is valuable to their readers.
  • Create solid content: If you create a piece of content that is legitimately useful and engaging, people could link to it – especially if you share it via social. Spread it around as much as you can to increase the chances someone will link to it. This isn’t just for articles but also applies to videos and infographics.
  • Join websites. Some websites allow you to join them and/or submit your site to their directories. Not all of these links are follow links (meaning they pass on link juice to bolster your Google ranking) but some of them are, plus they’re easy to get.

By far, the most effective way is to build relationships with other websites. It takes time, as mentioned above, and it requires a special touch. Think of it as a PR campaign. If you can develop a good way of approaching these individuals and organizations, you can persuade them to throw links your way.

You should think about combining all of the above. Create a great piece of content, submit it all over the place to directories, forums, community websites, blogs, etc., and then ask other bloggers and websites to link to it. You can also do digital PR to get news sites and bloggers to write about your business and achieve the same result.

Link-building is still very viable. Talk to a provider of SEO services in Florida for more information.