2016 Challenges for SEO Services in Florida

2016 Challenges for SEO Services in Florida

SEO services in Florida are drastically different now, in 2016, from what they were a decade ago.

And now, things are changing again.

SEO is constantly evolving each and every month, it seems. What worked in 2015 may not work in 2016. Plus, there are new challenges that have to be faced when it comes to dealing with the new evolutions.

In 2016, that’s no different. Here are a few challenges you’ll face this year as you optimize your website.

Challenges to Organic Search in 2016

What we’ll face in 2016 is really a function of what has happened in 2015 and earlier.

One challenge is the fact that 25 percent of all adults who go online in the U.S find new websites and research info for buying through Facebook – not search engines. That means optimizing your website for search only will hit 75 percent of all online American adults, on average, not the full amount.

Another challenge is Google itself. Google has started using Knowledge Graphs – the boxes with information that appear at the top of the search engine results – that share information found from other websites. This often results in the searcher finding what it’s looking for right away, without having to click on an organic link – which defeats the purpose of SEO!

Yet another challenge to traditional, non-local SEO is mobile search. As many as 50 percent of all searches are done on a mobile device, which means the highest-ranking websites are those with high local optimization scores – which is a different type of SEO altogether.

Finally, Google has blocked keywords from Analytics for years now, meaning you can’t find what keywords people used to find your website (in most cases). This leaves us shooting in the dark.

Overcoming Challenges with SEO Services in Florida

We have to shift gears in order to overcome these obstacles.

First, we need to optimize for mobile search. This means having a mobile-friendly website. You can test your website through Google.

Then, you need local optimization. This places your name, address, and phone number all throughout the Internet by providing correct information to dozens of directories that Google uses to get info for your business.

You should also focus more on creating content and adding it to your page. This content should answer questions that your searchers have. This increases the chances that you’ll get your website placed in those Knowledge Graphs that Google uses.

Make sure you’re on Facebook and being active there, not just with posting but also with advertisements. You’ll catch those people who are finding info through Facebook.

Finally, continue with what you’re doing in SEO. It does work, and it’s still important. This gives you the best chance to rank high in search engine results and grab organic traffic. In this respect, 2016 will be no different from the years preceding it.