Google Changes SERP Pages | SEO Services in Florida

Google Changes SERP Pages | SEO Services in Florida

Earlier this month, Google changed the game yet again by announcing changes to the SERPs – the search engine results pages.

Google announced that it would take away ads on the right side of the front page, effectively leaving ads only at the top and at the bottom. Further, they increased the number of ad positions from three to four on the top of the page.

What does this have on SEO services in Florida?

For starters, if you’re into PPC advertising, you now have fewer options to advertise if you weren’t in the first four results. If you were consistently in positions 5-11, you lose out because your ads won’t be shown.

But as far as organic results go, this change can place more competition for organic listings, since it creates yet another ad in position to take away from organic views. People primarily pay attention to the first links on the page, whether they’re paid or not. Now, instead of competing with three, you have to compete with four.

Granted, this isn’t widespread yet. You’re probably still seeing ads on the right-hand side. The pages with four top ads make up just 20 percent of all search results. It’s possible that Google is just testing the waters to see how to roll it out to the rest of the Internet.

What you can do is double-down on SEO. Invest more of your marketing budget into SEO so you can compete under these new parameters. It’ll be even more important that you hit those first few organic listings.