Exploring a Few Local SEO Myths

Exploring a Few Local SEO Myths

We provide SEO services in Florida, and part of that is helping local businesses rank well. This local SEO can do a lot of great things for a business that depends on local customers from a certain geographic area for revenue.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of local SEO myths floating around out there. Some of these are relatively harmless, and some are more insidious, but all of them will do nothing for your business and will just waste time (and/or money).

Here are a few myths that will clear up a lot of confusion.

Myth: Posting on Google+ Helps SEO

Posting on Google+ – the basically-defunct social platform offered by Google – used to matter. There were strong theories that posting on this platform helped provide ranking signals to Google.

That’s not the case anymore. Now, it’s impossible to see Google+ posts unless someone searches specifically for your business. The only real reason to have a Google+ page is for reviews, and that’s really what a Google My Business listing is for.

Don’t worry about not posting on Google+; it won’t help your ranking.

Myth: You Can Rank in More Towns through a Big Service Area

If your business is in a certain service area, you can set the radius to show your market area. Some, though, think they can set their service area to be really big so they can rank in all those towns within the radius. That’s not the case; you’re probably still only going to rank for the city that you’re located in, not the rest.

Myth: There Is Such a Thing as “Map SEO”

Some business owners want to rank on the map that shows up when people search for area businesses. This is called a “three-pack”, and it’s a good idea to want to rank there. But there’s no special sauce SEO that will get you there. In fact, three-fourths of businesses that rank on the local listings actually rank on the first page for organic results.

Your best chance at ranking in the three-pack is actually doing a good job with SEO in general. Increase your organic ranking and you have a lot better chance of ranking locally. (Get lots of reviews, have a strong location page on your website, etc.)

What are some questions you have about local SEO?