Increasing Your Organic CTRs on Search Results

Increasing Your Organic CTRs on Search Results

Having your website rank well on search results is a top priority for any business that wants to be found online. Without being visible and ranking well – on the first page at a minimum for a given keyword – your website won’t get enough traffic, which means you’ll get less business.

There’s been a lot of speculation about how much clickthrough rates (CTRs) impact your ranking. A CTR is the rate at which your link is clicked whenever someone searches for a keyword you’re ranking for.

For example, if 1,000 people view the page that you’re on whenever they search for a particular keyword, and 10 people click, you have an organic CTR of 1.00%.

Increasing your CTR should, in theory, increase your chances of ranking higher. Why? Because Google assumes that people are intrigued enough by your link to click on it, which means there’s a higher chance your website is relevant to their search. And Google makes its money off of pairing searchers with highly-relevant websites. If they couldn’t do this, people would use other search engines and Google would lose money.

So, how can you increase your organic CTR?

Play On Emotions

Using emotional triggers in your link text can help you attract more clicks.

Your link text is basically a way of saying your page title plus the meta description that shows up. In any Google search, you’ll see a blue link – the page title – with a sentence or two of text below it. That’s the meta description. These things have to resonate with viewers, and one of the best ways is to appeal to emotion.

Having a page title that reads “Naples, FL Real Estate Agent” isn’t nearly as good as one that reads “Find Your Dream Home Today!”. Or, “1-2-3 Accounting – Accountant in Fort Myers” isn’t as good as “1-2-3 Accounting – Paying Too Much in Taxes?”. The same principles go for the meta description.

Using emotional appeals can help. Want people to click? Appeal to their base emotions and concerns. In the second example above, people fear paying too much in taxes. They’re more likely to click on your link if you address that fear. In the first example, people desperately desire a dream home. You can play on that emotion – desire – by creating the right title and description.

Use Rich Snippets

The best organic results are those that come with “rich snippets”. You’ve probably seen these: in addition to having the blue link and the meta description, they also have additional navigation links that lead to other areas of the website, as well as reviews and prices.

You can accomplish this by using markup to add rich snippets to your listing. People are more likely to click on these than regular listings.

The best piece of advice for increasing organic CTRs is to ask yourself: what can I do to make my listing more appealing so people will click on it? Put yourself in the shoes of a typical searcher or customer and you’ll have a better time boosting your CTR and getting more traffic.