Want to Get Into Snapchat for Business? Here’s How

Want to Get Into Snapchat for Business? Here’s How

Snapchat is easily the hottest social media platform in existence today. Sure, more people use Facebook and Twitter, but Snapchat is red hot and is the most popular social media app in the market at the moment.

Should your business be on Snapchat? What are the advantages? What are the drawbacks? And how do you get started with Snapchat for business?

Snapchat Explained

Snapchat is a communication platform that allows two or more people to exchange messages in the form of “snaps”, which are temporary messages in photo or video format. The trick? They only last for 10 seconds before they disappear.

Basically, people use their phones to take pictures or record video. Then, they use the app to mark up the image with stickers, text, emojis, or anything else and send it to your recipient. Once they open it, they have just a limited amount of time to read it.

(You can create Stories, which are collections of snaps that stick around for up to a day. But the individual snaps go away in seconds.)

This may seem strange, but it’s popular because it doesn’t leave a record. It’s also the closest thing to having a face-to-face conversation with someone without, you know, actually being face to face.

Why Snapchat?

Businesses want to be on Snapchat because that’s where their customers are. Snapchat skews young – 45 percent of its adult users are 18-24 – and as much as 70 percent of its users are female. If you have a business whose products or services appeal to young women, or young, tech-savvy people in general, you probably want to be on Snapchat.

How to Use Snapchat for Business

Most brands are on Snapchat via the Discover section, which is the publishing platform for Snapchat. You can also create Stories, which last up to 24 hours as mentioned earlier. Stories are strings of snaps that form a video narrative and can be very powerful.

One use businesses have found for Snapchat involves live events or campaigns. Snapchat is perfect for real-time marketing, one of the best platforms in the business (right up there with Facebook Live).

You can also offers discounts, promos, and contests just like you can with Facebook. The added benefit is that Snapchat snaps are viewed as more “personal” and engaging than Facebook pages. This means engagement for these contests and promos can be much higher than on Facebook, if done correctly.

The best way to learn, though, is to dive in and start using it. Be bold, creative, and experimental. And above all, try to be interesting. Don’t just talk about yourself. Share visual content that entertains first and foremost. That’s ultimately why people get on Snapchat: to be entertained.