How to Convert More Leads with Better Images

How to Convert More Leads with Better Images

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Getting leads is all good, but leads don’t mean much without conversions.

If someone comes to your blog, for example, and they read it but don’t take action by filling out an email form, downloading something, or calling you, they’re not doing what you want them to do. That’s when you fine-tune your blog post or landing page to get more conversions.

And one of the best ways to do that, beyond writing better copy, is creating better images.

Here are some tips to convert more leads by creating better images for your blogs, landing page, website, social media posts, and beyond.

People LOVE People – So Use People

What do people love seeing pictures of?

If you said “Kittens,” you’re only partially right. People love seeing pictures of people. If there’s a human face in the image, it’s more likely to leave a positive impression – and generate conversions.

The more a typical person identifies your product/service with people, the better a human-oriented picture becomes. But even dry, technical topics can be made better with people in them.

Of course, there’s a big caveat. You can’t just use normal stock photography, or anything that looks like stock photography. People much rather prefer real people. That’s because stock photography looks too much like an ad. People are conditioning themselves to ignore ads on a website. If you use photos that are realistic depictions of people, you’ll get better results.

Detailed Product Images Are Awesome

If you can’t use people in every image, that’s okay – people will still like your product pictures if they are detailed.

The more detail in an image, the better, generally speaking. The more generic an image becomes, the more boring it becomes. But, if there’s complexity in the photo, people will spend more time examining it – which leads to more recognition and impact.

If you can use images that are interactive – such as rotating images or 3D images – you’ll fare even better. Real estate agents are learning this by using 3D tours instead of plain ol’ still photography for their clients’ listings.

Match Ads to Pictures

Finally, if you use images on landing pages that connect to ads – whether they’re Google AdWords ads or Facebook ads – the images need to match up with the ads. Google, Bing, and Facebook are really smart. They’ll notice if the images don’t quite match up with the ads themselves, and that’ll subject you to a lower ad score and a higher cost-per-click.

So, if you use images in the ad, replicate those images in the landing page.

Better images can help you convert more leads. Use these tips to begin to improve your images and get more impact from your content.