Get Better Traffic: Use These Tips to Increase Click-Through Rates | SEO in Naples, FL

Get Better Traffic: Use These Tips to Increase Click-Through Rates | SEO in Naples, FL

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When we think of click-through rates (CTRs), we tend to think of ads, like Google AdWords text ads or display ads.

But did you know that you can increase your organic CTRs? And did you know that you can move up one spot in the search engine rankings by increasing your CTR for a page by just three percent?

It’s true. Organic CTRs – how many people click on your blue organic linking on a search engine results page versus how many people see it – are important for two reasons:

  1. They help boost your ranking in and of itself
  2. They get more value out of the traffic you receive from your ranking.

Of course, many people don’t focus on increasing their organic CTRs. That’s a mistake. Doing so can actually boost your SEO in Naples, FL so that you get the full benefit of your ranking and increase your ranking – thereby getting more traffic.

Here are some tips you can follow to boost your CTRs for your organic ranking.

Write Better Headlines

The headline for your page matters. It’s one of the biggest factors in determining whether someone will click.

Avoid stuffing your headline with keywords. Use emotional triggers as much as possible, words that play on fear, love, excitement, joy, doubt, worry, stress, curiosity, humor, etc.  You can also use numbers, like “14 Ways to Get Gargantuan Traffic for Your Website.” People like numbered lists, and it gives them something to expect.

In fact, there is a proven template for headlines. It goes like this:

Format (Is it a list? Some facts? A strategy? An infographic?) + Emotional hook + Type of Content (Facts, pictures, images, etc.) + the Subject

So, you could write a title like “8 Amazing Tactics to Strike Gold in Real Estate”.

Beef Up Your Description

Your description – those lines of text that appear below the link – also matters. It matters quite a bit. So, use powerful words, like “simple,” “premium,” “proven,” “discover,” “eliminate,” “boost,” “empower,” “instant,” “game-changing,” etc. – anything that evokes emotion, grabs attention, or conveys the impact of what you’re sharing.

Use Descriptive URLs

If your page has a URL like Or something like that, it’s not nearly as good as one that is like It’s a small thing, but it’s important, so make sure your URL describes succinctly what the page is about.

Follow those tips and your SEO in Naples, FL campaign will improve considerably.