Signs that a Rebrand is in Order

Signs that a Rebrand is in Order


Many companies launch and there is just so much to do at the beginning that the idea of establishing a brand gets lost in the shuffle. Entrepreneurs often find themselves turning into “yes people” in an effort to be all-inclusive and not exclude any potential customers, especially at the very beginning. Then the learning curve arrives. As your business grows and you become more established, it is an essential need for a business to stand out, and in order to stand out, your brand and your offerings must be solid.

5 signs that your business may be in need of a rebrand:

  1. You’ve missed the opportunity to really target your ideal customer and show off what you do best, because you have been saying yes to everything. In the process of a rebrand, you give some good, hard thinking to what you are exceptional at, what you want to be known for, and that is what you focus on.
  2. The whole package. Examine what you have been doing – marketing strategy and efforts, advertising, new offerings, packaging, etc. – and ask yourself, “What could I modify to best represent what my company is best at?” Your goal is greatness, so go there in your mind, and make a list of all of the ideas that come to mind that could potentially take you to the next level.
  3. Re-examine your ideal audience. With growth comes change, and sometimes, as businesses grow and their offerings change, so does their target audience. Take a quick inventory of your products/services and see if your direction has shifted or if your direction needs to shift.
  4. Logo and Website analysis. Again, many entrepreneurs kick-start their businesses with a very minimalist philosophy (and budget), so maybe you feel the need for a new logo and website to better represent how far your business has come and all of your great offerings. You should feel proud of everything about your business – your business cards, logo, website, marketing materials are all representative of your hard work. If you are not extremely proud of your logo, website, etc. it’s time to rethink and redesign them.
  5. Conversion rates. Your brand isn’t drawing the attention you had hoped for – maybe you aren’t getting the attention you had hoped for on social media and blog posts, or maybe you are getting the traffic to your site and attention on social media, but it is not converting to sales. It’s time to really look at the big picture to determine what’s working and what’s not.

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