Must-have Features for Website Design

Must-have Features for Website Design

One of the biggest issues with web design is that too many people go into a new web design project thinking that building a website is only about making the site look good, versus considering the fact that there are a long list of functionalities that need to be thought through completely and developed if the website is going to be successful. A successful website will attract visitors and those visitors will translate into revenue. A pretty picture set up on a site alone does not translate into revenue.

Another issue is that many web developers today are treating important functionalities as add-ons when discussing website development packages with clients. Important marketing functionalities should not be treated as add-on features, when the ultimate goal for a successful business website is for it to be a well-built center for interaction. Developers should help to educate potential clients who think that the look of the website is the primary goal and hope to exclude important functionalities to save money.

Must-have features for website development include:

  • Mobile-friendly website design that can be easily used from various devices.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ready with tags and elements.
  • Robust security and privacy focus, including basic security checks.
  • Fast loading times for website visitors using all types of devices, even with slow Internet connections.
  • Website analytics should be enabled to track traffic as well as to track traffic that is converted into revenue.
  • Email marketing system that links email capture forms with some type of email marketing system.
  • Integration of social media accounts.

If clients looking to have a new website designed go into the project expecting the above minimum standards and web developers treat the above as what they are, which is “must-have features,” the connection between business websites and potential online clients and customers will only be strengthened.