Ways SEO Benefits from Mobile Responsive Website Design

Ways SEO Benefits from Mobile Responsive Website Design

In a time when smartphone use has surpassed desktop computer use, web designers and marketers have taken notice, yet many business owners have yet to catch up. Incorporating mobile responsive website design is a must for any business trying to stay ahead of the times and the competition. Google is designed for users and in a world where mobile browsing is the preferred method of searching the web, Google is responding by favoring sites that meet the mobile-viewing needs of Google users. If you are one of the businesses who has not transitioned to mobile responsive website design, here are a few reasons why you should:

How many times have you tried to view a website on your mobile device, only to have a difficult time reading the pages and perhaps trying to scan from right to left to try to read the page? If users can’t navigate your website, they will likely leave and look for a website they can easily navigate via their mobile. Google take the time a website visitor is on a page as a clear indicator of a website’s value for any possible search. Responsive website design ensures your website is easy to view and navigate via a mobile device and it will typically increase the amount of time a user is on your website. Good viewing and usability scores lead to repeat website visitors, which in turn often leads to an increase in conversions or sales. The importance of the customer experience and the usability of a website cannot be emphasized enough.

Mobile responsive websites will typically load faster, particularly on mobile phones and other smart devices.   Fast page loading times result in a more positive user experience and are also favored in search results.

Decreased bounce rates also typically result from transitioning to mobile responsive design. A website can have useful content, but if it is not displayed in a way that is easy to comprehend, a website user will typically leave the site. Mobile responsive design allows for your relevant content to be displayed in a clear, clean format, that is attractive to your website visitors, will keep them on your site for a longer period of time and will encourage them to return.

Although social media sharing does not influence rankings, it absolutely strongly impacts the size of your audience and exposure of your brand. A website that is optimized for mobile and smartphone use is easier for visitors to browse through and social media sharing buttons on this type of site will make it much easier for a website visitor to share your content via their social media outlets.

Ensuring a positive user experience through the design elements of a website is what helps to increase positive reviews, increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings and, ultimately, improve sales or more easily attain whatever the goal of the business or brand is.

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