Key Points in Ensuring Effective Website Design and Organic Search Performance

Key Points in Ensuring Effective Website Design and Organic Search Performance

Website design and organic search performance are fundamentally linked, so the design of a website has a clear effect on a website’s ability to rank high for applicable terms. This can become an issue for companies who have a design team that is completely separate from their marketing team.

WBN Marketing works with clients across many different industries to design and develop websites that are built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices in mind. Our marketing team is involved in design and redesign of projects from the very beginning, working with the designer to create a website that is search engine friendly. From this method of operation, we have gained a great number of insights with regard to the interaction between a site’s design and its ability to rank high in organic search.

Here are a few things to look for when ensuring your website design is working well with your SEO goals:

Good usability

Search engines aim to provide the best results to users who use their platforms. This is how they ensure user satisfaction and that the users will return to use their platform again. The more users return, the higher number of advertisers and profit will result. Because of this, search engines will reward sites that offer a positive experience to users. A site with good usability will be ranked higher due to offering ease in usability and, ultimately, high user satisfaction. Good usability will also translate into your website visitors spending more time on each of the pages on your site, more shares on social media and a greater number of inbound links. A sites mobile-friendliness also plays an important role, with more and more web visitors accessing sites through their mobile devices, so search engines look at this as well.

Intuitive Design

In order for a site’s content to be ranked with search engines, it first has to be found and seen. Search engines discover content through links, so making sure that your links exist, are visible and not broken is vital in getting your site ranked. It is imperative to design a site that is intuitive for website visitors to engage with, while keeping SEO goals in mind. Make sure your most important content is high up in the architecture of the site and also map straight to your top SEO keywords and then create subcategories for product or service pages.

Quality Content

The quality of content is what communicates with search engines and tells them what each page represents. Planning for quality content during the design process is part of the design process, so that everything flows well and there is no conflict between design and accommodating for content.

With these aforementioned things in mind, in relation to the initial design process and making sure organic search performance is integrated in the process, it is equally important to follow through with all of these steps again during any redesign process. A website redesign that is completed without the input of search experts puts you at risk for losing the SEO value that has been built into the site over time.