Website Design Trends for 2018

Website Design Trends for 2018

It’s that time of year again. Time to discuss what will be popular in web design in the coming year. Innovation will rule the coming months. Here are a few design trends you can expect to see in 2018:

Engaging photographic content: Minimalism will always be in style, and with the advances in monitors, color saturation and brightness, minimalism can be exciting. Large fonts, bright colors, and engaging photographic content will move up on the popularity scale. Images will be customized to match brands and will draw the audience.

Web applications: Tools continue to improve, and affordable technology – including everything from basic personalization to advanced analytics and AI – should be contributing as far as answers to pending questions related to success metrics and applications for multiple use cases.

Interactive content: This coming year is expected to be the year of interactivity. Consumers crave a more personalized and entertaining experience when it comes to how they connect with brands, and content such as polls, quizzes, and games can deliver just that. This type of content draws people in by asking them personal and challenging questions and then delivers resources or product information based on how people answer the questions.

Asymmetry and brutalism inspired free form has also been developing over the last several years and only recently has increased in use.

Illustration and animation: More and more companies and brands are hiring illustrators to create a unique visual style. Illustrations set a tone for a brand and add fun to their content. Illustrations are also practical in that they can be of any size, style, color and can be incorporated into any design seamlessly. Animation is a new norm in web design, as animations allow one to translate more information in an efficient way, helping to tell a story in a few seconds. Logos, backgrounds and menus are increasingly becoming animated, which increases engagement.

Focus on the understanding the target audience: There will be a lot more focus on understanding the target audience of the company/brand. There is a lot to learn from speaking directly to one’s audience through the website or social media platforms, from learning their likes to learning their dislikes.

Consistency: Designers and organizations are expected to put a lot more effort into consistency in the message the company is sending across all channels of communication that will reach their audience.

Video content: Videos are now becoming part of a brands presentation and overall communication strategy. Videos can deliver a great deal of information quickly and visually.