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Not all printers provide the same services. Some printer costs vary depending on their volume, equipment and in-house resources.  Whether you have a small job or a large job, you need the right printer.  Let your WBN consultant find the right printer for your job.  We work with many local printers and we know who has the best resources for your needs.  We’ll shop around and not only find the best cost-efficiencies, but we’ll even find the best performance for the job!  Then, we will watch over every detail from start to finish, ensuring your total satisfaction.

WBN Marketing LLC

Let WBN Marketing select the right printer for your project.


Q: “Should I let my printer do my graphic design?”

A: Many printers provide the convenience of having a production designer right on the premises. However, not all designers are skilled or experienced enough to provide the design you need.  Trading quality design for convenience is never a good idea!

Printer production designers are great for designing business cards or a simple flyer, but if you need sophisticated branding in a professional piece, we recommend utilizing a professional graphic designer who understands your brand, message and the purpose of the piece.

 Q: “What type of files does my printer need?”

A: Depending on what you’re printing, your printer will require certain file types. For a printed brochure, business card or flyer, a high-resolution PDF file is best.  For any large scale printing, such as signage or banners, an EPS file is best.  Generally, any images or graphics from the internet are not high resolution enough for a crisp print job! Check with your WBN Consultant on what files you’ll need for all of your logos, images and printed materials.

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