Professional Writing

Copywriting Services

Are your direct mail pieces or e-mail campaigns read or even opened? Are you satisfied with your response rate? If the answer is no, it may be due to your copy. Direct response copy is designed specifically to generate leads. It is made up of a strong, direct message and a strong call-to-action. It also requires an easy, effective response mechanism such as a personalized URL (PURL), unique phone number, or business reply card. Simple, but effective changes to your copy can improve your response rate and make your direct response campaign a smart investment.

Website and Content Management

Without effective lead generating copywriting, a website is just an online brochure. To maximize lead generation through your website, you’ll need to incorporate a strong message, as well as optimize using the right search engine key words with the use of our SEO writing services. Search engine keywords are critical; these are what help people find your website among the competition. Even more critical is your website content. Once a visitor reaches your website, you’ll want them to stay a while –and become a lead.

Webinars, Podcasts & eMail Marketing

Have you ever sat through a podcast or webinar that was disorganized, uninformative, or…boring? Based on that experience, would you ever trust that organization with your business? The answer would probably be no. Unfortunately, bad webinars happen to good organizations all the time. Webinars and podcasts can be a highly effective medium for attracting new business, but it can also be the kiss of death if your content is sub-standard. Webinar and podcast content should be relevant, informative, and clear.

Don’t get caught with ineffective and boring webinars – you need a professional to tie it all together for you.

The same rules apply for email marketing. Your email campaign messages should be relevant, succinct, and timely!

Print & Promotional Literature

With all of the print advertising “clutter”, how do get your print advertising or promotional literature to stand out? You need effective headlines and offers that make your audience take notice – and take action. If your print or promotional literature reads like all the rest– too long and boring, you’ll only be wasting your marketing dollars. Effective print and promotional writing can make all the difference in your response and your investment.

Press Releases/Newsletters/Blog Content Management

Do your press releases make the cut? If your press releases or blog content management doesn’t follow news-worthy “protocol”, you can be sure that it will be overlooked. Why? Journalists and publications are looking for news, not advertising. Press releases should get right to the point and not be too lengthy. Using the right format, length, and messaging is crucial to getting your press release picked up for print or online posting by publications and journalists. If your news is important, don’t risk it by sending a sub-standard press release. With content management for your blog, whether used internally or externally, newsletters can be a great way to communicate to your staff, customers, or potential customers. However, the chore of selecting and writing newsletter or blog content can be a daunting one – especially when you’re limited on time and resources. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone find and write effective newsletter or blog content management for you every month? You bet it would! What a timesaver!