Social Media Programs

social media marketing

You know you need to integrate social media into your marketing mix, but you don’t know where to start nor do you have the time to post a blog or even get on Facebook on a daily basis!  WBN Marketing is here to help.

Our goal is to assist you with finding relevant content, editing for online, and posting to your networks- subsequently putting your company in a position to increase your online present and your brand awareness. We also have access to the best SEO partners to further enhance social media efforts!

This includes setting up network profiles that stand out in searches, crafting ideas for network posts, writing the posts themselves, commenting on posts to build awareness, credibility and much more. We’ll even monitor your online activity, rankings, and see who is talking about you and your business!

Contact WBN Marketing at (239) 919-0933 or email us to get more information and pricing!