3 Digital Marketing Terms that Small Business Owners Should Understand

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3 Digital Marketing Terms that Small Business Owners Should Understand

Digital marketing terms can feel a bit foreign to most people, and while most business owners don’t have the time needed to become an expert in this field, there are still several terms that all business owners should familiarize themselves with.

Algorithm: In the world of digital marketing, website algorithms determine website rankings. For example, if someone is searching for the type of product or service that your business offers, you’ll want to make sure your website ranks at the top of the first page. If your website ranks toward the bottom (or it appears on the second or third page of search results), your business is losing revenue opportunities. It’s also worth noting that the types of things that the algorithms look for change constantly. This means that SEO strategies that worked well for you in the past could potentially harm your ranking today. If you have questions about current SEO best strategies and you’d like to receive a free SEO report, call our office today to speak with an expert.

Organic traffic: Organic traffic has nothing to do with the number of people who are visiting the local health food store. Instead, organic traffic refers to the number of people who visit your website based on your SEO ranking. Whereas pay-per-click ads (i.e., the listings that show up at the very top of search results because companies pay for their website to appear there) generate traffic, that traffic comes at a financial cost. Suffice to say, ensuring your website ranks as high as possible during a Google search, solely based on your SEO strategy, is important.  The better your ranking, the more organic traffic you’ll be likely to get.

Responsive web design: Responsive web design (and whether your website is equipped for it) plays an important role in your website’s ranking.  If your web design company hasn’t worked to ensure that your website can be viewed just as well on a mobile device as it can be viewed on a desktop computer, call our office today to speak with a web design expert. We’ll help you understand how we can ensure your website “responds” automatically to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on.

Final thoughts

For more information about the benefits of partnering with a digital marketing agency or you’d like to learn more about how improving your SEO strategy can improve your website’s ranking, we can help. Call WBN Marketing today to get started.