3 New Social Media Marketing Features You Need to Use

3 New Social Media Marketing Features You Need to Use

Social media marketing is constantly evolving. The major platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. – are always testing new features and introducing the best to the public.

To keep on top of your social media outreach program, you’ll need to learn about – and use – these features. But it can be overwhelming keeping up with all of them.

Fortunately, we have three of the latest features that offer new abilities to your campaign. By themselves, none of these are earth-shattering updates. But they each add something new that you can take advantage of, and that’s what we’re all looking to do day in and day out.

Facebook Adds New Targeting Option

Facebook offers the most robust targeting options of all the major platforms. You can target by location, age, gender, interests, and even buying activity. You can also target to followers, friends of followers, and people in a given area.

Now, you can also target people who have shared your content. This gives you an added dimension, a way to reach out to your most engaged followers (since sharing is a very valuable interaction and shows that the content resonated with the person who shared it).

One caveat: this feature isn’t yet public. Facebook made it available for a short amount of time, probably to test a few things, before removing it. But we can assume it’s going to come here to stay.

LinkedIn Update Insights on Mobile

LinkedIn also announced that it is offering more robust update insights so you can track the success of your posts.

This helps you see who saw it, who interacted with it, where they’re from, and what level they’re on (CEO, manager, etc.), among other things. It’s a handy tool if you want to dive deeper into metrics for your LinkedIn updates, similar to what you can already do with LinkedIn Publisher content.

Note that for now, it’s only on the mobile app – you’ll have to wait before it’s released for the desktop version.

Scratch Reels on Twitter

Finally, you can now create your own scratch reels on Twitter.

A scratch reel is an interactive GIF that allows users to scroll back and forth and see different things on the GIF. It’s like a mini-video that people can engage with. Formerly, the ability to create custom scratch reels was limited.

Now, though, Twitter has made it so anyone can build custom scratch reels. There are already some cool things brands have done with this tool, and it’s something that should be fun to use for your social media marketing campaign.