3 Trends for Internet Marketing in Naples, FL in 2016

3 Trends for Internet Marketing in Naples, FL in 2016

What trends can we expect for internet marketing in Naples, FL in 2016?

We already know how powerful online marketing can be. It’s become the default way to reach new customers for many businesses in virtually any industry.

But what can we expect over the next 12 months? What will be more important this year?

Video Marketing to be More Important

Video marketing has always been strong, but it could be even stronger in 2016 as Facebook and YouTube take video to the next level. Video on Facebook in particular is taking off and becoming more powerful, especially when combined with Facebook ads.

Snapchat is also working on a video model, which could be explosive. Regardless, if you want to market online, videos are tremendously powerful and should be emphasized in 2016. This is particularly true for mobile, as mobile videos will be cheaper and more effective in 2016.

Native Advertising Will Get Bigger

Native advertising – ads that replicate “natural” content found elsewhere on the same platform – will be more important in 2016.

That’s because the old model of interruption marketing with banner ads and other interruptive ad methods will decrease. More people are running ad blocking software, which means click-through rates for display ads will be lower.

Native advertising, by contrast, has ads that blend in seamlessly with the rest of what appears on a particular platform. For example, on a website that features articles, ads will look like articles. On a site with videos, you’ll see video ads that look like other content (with maybe having something that says “advertisement” or “sponsored” nearby).

People respond better to native ads than other types. Take Facebook’s promoted stories. These show up right in the middle of a user’s news feed, just like any other post. That’s one reason why they’re so successful.

Real Time More Important in Social Media

Brands have gotten by with scheduling posts on a regular basis on social media, but for internet marketing in Naples, FL in 2016, real-time interactions will be more important.

These work because you get to interact directly with prospects in a natural environment, allowing for a free-flowing interchange of ideas that can only strengthen brand relationships. Think about ways you can interact with users in real time, and you’ll be able to make an impact.