4 blog post ideas that you can use for your website

If you’ve been following our posts you’ve likely read posts about why it’s important to add new content to your website. Adding new content (i.e, posting a weekly blog) not only helps the search engine crawlers know that your business is still active, cross-posting your content to your social media channels can help increase customer engagement. At the same time, many business owners say they struggle to come up with interesting and relevant topics.

For this post, we wanted to highlight several topics that your customers may be interested in.

  • Create a list of FAQs about your product or service. Lots of business owners get questions about how their product or service works, whether the materials are eco-friendly, and how to get the longest lifespan out of what they’ve purchased. Compiling a list of commonly asked questions and turning them into a blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website.
  • Talk about a big story or controversy that’s impacting your business. Do you own a real estate firm? Do you get lots of questions from your clients about whether the market will taper off and stay level?  This is a hot, relevant topic that’s on the minds of lots of would-be buyers and sellers. On the other hand, if you own a car dealership that sells electric vehicles, blogs about trends in gas pricing are likely to be of interest.
  • Share the story of what prompted you to start your business. Everyone loves a good origin story, so don’t be afraid to share yours? Tell your readers what inspired you to start your business, and don’t be afraid to share the hurdles you needed to overcome to get where you are today.
  • Share myths and insights about your industry. Do you own a dog grooming business? You could address myths such as bathing dogs isn’t healthy for their coat, whether it’s true that some dogs don’t need to have their nails trimmed, and whether human shampoo is just as good as dog shampoo.

Coming up with blog topics isn’t always as difficult as you think it may be. Additionally, if you’re struggling to decide what to write about, you can always add a poll to your social media pages.  This will give you a firm grasp about the topics that your customers are most interested in.

Happy blogging!