4 New Social Media Marketing Features to Know

4 New Social Media Marketing Features to Know

Social media marketing is constantly changing. Keeping up can be daunting, which is one reason why you should have a professional take care of it for you!

But if you don’t, and want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to understand the latest changes social media giants have made to their platforms.

Here are four new, upcoming social media marketing features for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – arguably the three most popular platforms – that can impact your marketing campaign.

Twitter Adds to its Profile Display

The Twitter profile display already offers a lot for such a little space – such as a keyword-rich message and a link – but it also will offer a few more things for the display.

The first is a listing that tells a user when the account is most active. For example, if you tend to tweet more between 2pm and 6pm, it’ll show that so users can get a good idea about when they can expect your next tweet.

Twitter is also testing a new tab for ‘Featured’ tweets. You can click on the tab to get a list of the most popular tweets sent out lately from the brand. It’s not clear if the account owner can select which tweets to feature, or if there’ll be an algorithm to choose for them.

Twitter Gets Into Sports

In what could be a larger development than just adjusting a profile’s display, Twitter is starting to experiment with livestreaming sports. Earlier this month, they streamed Wimbledon, and signed a deal with the NFL this past April to stream Thursday Night Football.

What’s cool about this is that users – including brands – will be able to live-tweet the event. These tweets will be curated and displayed in a feed right next to the stream, so people can watch and read peoples’ reactions. This is similar to what the video-game streaming channel Twitch does (allowing viewers to watch video games being played while commenting on them).

Instagram Adds Comment Moderation

One goal of social media marketing is to get users to interact with a brand by commenting on the brand’s posts.

You can do this on Instagram, but one thing businesses haven’t been able to do is moderate comments. A new tool gives a business the capability to block comments that are deemed inappropriate or offensive. This will dramatically cut down on spam comments, which have risen in volume as the platform has gotten more popular.

Facebook to Allow Video Downloads

Finally, Facebook is making waves with its plan to test video downloads. This will theoretically enable users to download videos from a business’s Facebook page, either on desktop or on a mobile device.

They’re just testing this feature now with a small batch of users, and it’s most applicable for users who may need to download the video when they’re connected so they can view it later when they’re in a non-connected area.

None of these changes are earth-shattering transformations, but they’re good to know for those who are seriously invested in social media marketing.