4 Reasons you Should Consider Adding Video Content to Your Website


4 Reasons you Should Consider Adding Video Content to Your Website

4 Reasons you Should Consider Adding Video Content to Your Website…When it comes to your business’ website, increasing its visibility can also increase your bottom line.

If you’re not incorporating video because you’re wondering if the extra time and effort can have a tangible benefit, you may be surprised to learn that the answer to that question, is “yes.”

More than half of smartphone users watch videos on a daily basis

An attention-grabbing video can help land you customers. It’s also worth noting that digital marketing experts have found that videos are the most likely types of content to be shared.

If you’re a wedding planner and you post a video about the top 3 disasters a professional wedding planner can help you avoid on the big day, if the content is engaging and funny, its likely to be shared on social media.

When your content is shared (and re-shared), your SEO ranking will get an organic boost.

Customers like videos about how stuff works

Recent studies have shown that more than 90 percent of smartphone users will search for videos about how to perform a certain task.

When you post an explainer video that highlights the types of services your company performs and/or the types of products you offer, this will increase your chances to sell. Remember: the best videos are engaging, entertaining and informative. Get creative!

The Google algorithm likes video

Today’s SEO is about a lot more than incorporating the right keywords and the right keyword density.  In fact, most people don’t realize that the Google algorithm gives favors to websites that have embedded YouTube videos.

When your video can be viewed on multiple online platforms, you’re increasing your chance of being discovered by potential clients.

Videos can evoke emption and increase customer-brand bonding

It’s a lot easier to tap into your customer’s emotions through the use of video than it is through text.  Yes, blog content is good, but in some cases, video content will give you a lot more bang for your buck.

Experts have found that videos that evoke emotion are not just more likely to be shared—they’re more likely to be remembered.  One recent study found that more than 75 percent of customers are able to recall videos they watched a month ago.

Final thoughts

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of adding video content to your website but you’re not sure if it will incorporate into your digital marketing strategy, take a few minutes to play around on the web to see what your competition is doing. If your competitors are all using video and you’re not, your business runs the risk of being left behind.